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Florida Player Rankings
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Treasure Coast Top Prep Recruits

Below is a list of the top players along the Treasure Coast. PowerBasketball rates and ranks players by their ability and college potential. Please contact us if you feel we have missed someone. We will be updating this page throughout the season. We will also be adding specific information regarding each player as well. We provide these rankings to allow exposure for athletes that might not get noticed.
Class of 2006

  • Brennen Grubbs - Top Player
    Guard/Forward | 6'-3"
    South Fork High School (SFHS)
    The only problem that Brennen has is staying healthy. He continues to work on his ball handling. He has great vision and a good basketball IQ. He's not the tallest on the team (although he plays taller than he is) and will probably move from the post defensively to a wing guard spot offensively for his senior year. His three point shot is getting better. He has always been able to get a rebound. It's just nice that he can bring the ball down the floor under pressure now and run the point occasionally.

  • David Allison
    Guard | 5'-10"
    John Carroll High School (JCHS)
    David's switch from South Fork to John Carroll was a great move for the young man. He continues to improve on his overall game. His defense has improved as well as his jumpshot, 3 point shot, and he is still lightning quick. A great athlete. He may well be the best point guard in the area this year as he proved himself last year.

  • David Gabriel
    Forward | 6'-8"
    St. Lucie West Centennial High School (SLW-CHS)
    David Gabriel is one of the few true post players in the area with his size. His offense lacks a bit due to just getting into the sport. He could be a diamond in the rough. Je is supposedly playing with the Tallahassee Wildcats. We'll have to wait and see if he improves.

  • T.J. Grace
    Guard/Forward | 6'-2"
    South Fork High School (SFHS)
    His knack for rebounding and hitting free throws will continue to make him an invaluable asset in end of game situations. He has some responsibilities on South Fork dedicated to larger players, going back and forth from the post.

  • Mark Lohuis
    Guard | 6'-2"
    Vero Beach High School (VBHS)
    Mark proved himself last year as he was a major offensive weapon in one of Vero Beach's best seasons ever, as a junior. He shows great form with the ball as a shooter and isn't shy about finding the open man for an assist and he defends well. Mark will be a major reason for Vero to come back and challenge in their new district this coming season.

  • Derek Power
    Point Guard | 6'-1"
    South Fork High School (SFHS)
    Derek's shot is still right on. His foot speed is getting better. He has the opportunity to have a great senior year if he can stay healthy. His unselfish passing and ability to score with his three point shot are an invaluable asset. A good ball handler, smart defender, and a great jump shot. He can run the point or play the 2-spot.

  • Noah Zazulia
    Guard | 6'-2"
    Jensen Beach High School (JBHS)
    He has the shot, ball handling, and defense. He is working on his strength in the weight room. He is the guard that Jensen Beach will count on to score in the coming season. His game has improved immensely since last season. He got the chance to play some travel ball with the Indian River Warriors and showed he can run the point when needed.

    Class of 2007

  • Anthony Raimondi - Top Player
    Guard | 6'-4"
    Martin County High School (MCHS)
    Anthony will be called upon for a major roll of offense over the next couple of seasons at Martin County. He was a starter as a sophomore on a senior strong team last year. His three point shot, defense, and basketball knowledge are all good. He can rebound with no problem. Extremely high basketball IQ, good looking player.

  • Kyle Taylor
    Guard/Forward | 6'-2"
    Jensen Beach High School (JBHS)
    "KT" can play the game. He demonstrates moments of brilliance while on the floor. His moments will get longer as he learns the system at Jensen Beach. A high flyer that isn't afraid to throw one down on occasion or hit the mid-range jump shot. KT seems to enjoy attacking the rim more and more. A great asset for Jensen Beach.

  • Clarence Pierre
    Guard/Forward | 6'-3"
    Martin County High School (PSL)
    Clarence has come along way from where he was. He can shoot the intermediate jumper, put the ball on the floor, and even hit a dunk on occasion. Travel ball has helped him develop his skills over the past several years. The kid can play!

  • Ricky Warren
    Guard | 5'-7"
    Martin County High School (MCHS)
    He is undersized at 5'7" but more than makes up for it with his effort and physical play. He will be a 4 year starter when his senior season rolls around. His shot is improving. Good player, but football will be the way for Warren.

  • Nick Balcer
    Guard/Forward | 6'-5"
    Martin County High School (MCHS)
    Balcer jumped back to Martin County after a season at Jensen Beach. He still seems to like to be away from the basket which is an asset in this day of big guards in high school. He'll need to play the post for any big minutes at Martin County this season. He needs to work hard on defense and will try to change shots, whether it's a block or not.

    Class of 2008

  • Ridge Graham
    Guard/Forward | 6'-4"
    South Fork High School (SFHS)
    A great player when he brings his basketball attitude. He had a great summer at the University of Florida team camp and a couple of coaches on staff liked what they saw. He has great potential. His offense continues to overshadow his defensive effort as he can literally score at will. He likes to move toward the perimeter. His medium range game works well when he catches it at the elbow. It's almost a guaranteed two points, either a made shot or free throws.

  • Jim Leffew
    Guard | 5'-6"
    Vero Beach High School (VBHS)
    Another hard working guard that has no problem passing the ball. Jim has a great shot and a high basketball IQ. He is a tough player and won't back down from any challenge. A great looking point guard.

  • Ryan Power
    Guard | 5'-11"
    South Fork High School (SFHS)
    A hard working guard that has no problem passing the ball. He gives the ball up too much as his outside shot and 3-pointer are more than reliable. A solid defender, athletic, and won't step down from anyone, big or small with a hard-nosed work ethic. A true, natural point guard.

  • Manny Russell
    Guard/Forward | 6'-1"
    Jensen Beach High School (JBHS)
    The hope would be that Manny could go 6'6" and play a forward position. However, the reality is he may not go much more. He is a solid 6'1", 240 lb. defensive tackle. He has never played football because he has always been a big kid, football could be his call. However, basketball is his love. He is developing into a solid post player and moving away from the basket and hitting open 15 footers. So, he is on his way to getting some guard skills.

  • Joe Sclafani
    Guard | 5'-9"
    Jensen Beach High School (JBHS)
    Joe has more heart than an entire team. He also has the skill to go along with it. He has the ability to take you off the dribble, shoot the 3, and hit a nice 12 foot runner in the lane. This kid is one to watch!

  • Nick Tennell
    Guard | 5'-11"
    John Carroll High School (JCHS)
    A great kid that oozes of athleticism and desire. He has been working hard on his game. His ball handling is not yet to the level it should be. However, he won't have to run the point with David Allison running the show at John Carroll. He should contribute on a varsity level this season.

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