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We continue to receive excellent products and HoopStats! Gold applies to this category. The ease of operation for in-game statistics works well. The software is like others when it comes to getting use to. It does support mouse and "hot" keystrokes (single letter input). The screen interface is a bit dated, but the statistical analysis is there. Any stat for gametime situation can be found. The image below shows the in-game interface and it's heads-up display. The software proved itself well under our test. We would use it again.

Since I coach the games, I had to find someone to run the laptop. My wife unknowingly was to be the selection. She was a bit apprehensive about trying something like this for the first time. Her computer knowledge is good, she uses one daily. However, the software was to be the challenge not her ability to use her laptop. We went thru a dry run non-game situation for thirty minutes the day prior to actually testing the software. I input the team rosters, about ten minutes of work. If you wish you can input as much about each player as you like, I opted to input names, player numbers, and positions. The bare essentials to make the software work. An hour before game time, I selected my starters. Five minutes before gametime we got the opposing teams starters. We were ready to go.

We pressed the opposition for the first several minutes, 5 turnovers and 12 points later we were comfortable. My wife had been able to keep up with every play and stat. The suggestion of a spotter to "narrate" the game proved invaluable, if not essential. Don't try to watch the game and keep the stats by yourself, it won't work very well. There is a reason a head coach has assistants to keep stats. The same should be true when using in-game software. My wife was so busy inputting data she didn't have time to notice the "dated" screen fonts the software uses. It is irrelevant to stats. If you want in-game stats and play-by-play analysis this software will suit you. You can input the type of shot, who made the shot, who got the rebound on a miss, a turnover, a steal, etc. Whew!, did I forget anything? That is my point. The software handles the whole game. You can keep track of timeouts and personal fouls, also.

The outcome of the game was a victory for us and HoopStat! Gold. Post-game analysis showed us where we kept control of the game and our weakness on keeping our lead. How could anyone get along without using a similar product? We would get up by nearly twenty points and then turn the ball over allowing the opposition to keep in the game. Every shot, rebound, assist, foul, timeout, and turnover was accounted for. I had the forethought to ask a few to keep our normal stats. They actually missed a turnover, assist, layup transition that our spotter accounted for. We knew we had the points, just not how the transition had gotten started. If you are looking for an analysis of your play-by-play game situations you might want to look into this software. It does everything it claims.

Guy Power

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