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COACHING ARTICLES » ADVERTISEMENT Better Basketball Improve your game with the Better Basketball video series. A 3 tape set emphasizing 1-on-1 Defense, Ball Handling, and Better Shooting.

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  1. Becoming a Dominant Rebounder
    by Patrick Chylinski
  2. How to Keep Your Shooting in Shape
    by Bill Dale
  3. Becoming a Dominant Rebounder
    by Patrick Chylinski
  4. Tips for Maintaining Peak Performance Levels, Season-Long Basics
    by Tom Emma
  5. Beyond High School Basketball - Part III: Your Sophomore Year
    Recruiting information by Anthony Calderon
  6. Beyond High School Basketball - Part II: Your Freshman Year
    Recruiting information by Anthony Calderon
  7. Beyond High School Basketball - Part I: So you want to play college basketball. And you want a scholarship?
    Recruiting information by Anthony Calderon
  8. The Season in Review: An Intelligent Off-season Preparation - Part III
    from Dave DeVenzio and Richard Ford
  9. The Season in Review: An Intelligent Off-season Preparation - Part II
    from Dave DeVenzio and Richard Ford
  10. The Season in Review: An Intelligent Off-season Preparation - Part I
    from Dave DeVenzio and Richard Ford
  11. Combine Explosive Drills with Speed Drills for Success
    by Daimond Dixon
  12. Off-Season Workout
    get it done in less than an hour
  13. In-Season Strength Training: Crucial to a Basketball Player's Success
    by Tom Emma
  14. Basketball Conditioning and Nutrition Tips
    from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute
  15. Off-season Conditioning Tips
    by Tom Emma
  16. Location is key to recruiting decisions
    by Rob Harrington
  17. How to enhance your chances for a scholarship
    by Kevin Eastman
  18. Sports Psychology for the Player
    from Dr. Relax, Gary Beale
  19. Ball Handling Drills
    from Dave Hannan
  20. Defensive fundamentals.
    by James Gels
  21. The "perfect" Shot
    by Jay Wolf
  22. Plyometric Training for Youth
    by Don Chu Ph.D, CSCS
  23. Player Communication
    by Steve Jordan
  24. Strength Conditioning for Basketball
    by Dave Moore
  25. Basketball, Sports Psychology & Peak Performance
    by Dr. Alan Goldberg
  26. Drill Database
    Locate some good drills
  27. The Mental Game Plan
    Kenneth Parady
  1. doHoops Basketball Stats Software
    basketball stats software
  2. Dominion Software, Inc.
    basketball stats software with voice recognition
  3. RapidMedia
    Newest coaching tool from CANCoach
  4. Teamanizer
    Team Organizational software
  5. CANCoach Coaching Planner
    Excellent coaching tool
  6. Statscreen
    The ultimate single source "Stat" keeper
  7. PlayMax Digital Whiteboard
    Coming October 5th
  8. Lenny Wilkens - CD-ROM
    Lenny Wilkens teaching the basics
  9. MVP Basketball Edition
    Printable "stuff", make invitations, etc.
  10. All Stats Basketball Coach
    Quality stats software
  11. StatTrack for Basketball
    Statistical software
  1. The Shooting Buddy
    a muscle memory tool
  2. Bandit Shooting Machine
    from JumpUSA
  3. Eric Moyer's Jumping Advantage
    from Coaches Sports Publishing
  4. Mad Bounce
    from Hoop4Life
  5. Mad Hops
    from Mad Hops, Inc.
  6. Touch Gloves
    for the "touch" on the ball
  7. Wei-Wu-Wei Basketball
    a unique training system
  8. Speed Trainers
    Leg Strengthening
  9. Sky-King Calf Isolators
    by the Vertical Power Company
  10. SkyFlex
    Plyometric Strength Shoes
    Basketball Court Boundary Tape System
  12. Star Shooter
    Shooting strap and video
  13. Air Alert II Jump Program
    Aerobic Jump Workout
  14. Strength Through Science Jump Program
    Plyometric Jump Workout
  15. JumpUSA Pro-prioceptor & Jump soles
    Jump Training Kit
  16. Strength® Weighted Vest and Shorts
    a different approach
  1. Better Basketball's Better Shooting
    from Rick Torbett
  2. 48 Championship Drills
    clinician - Marty Schupak
  3. SWISH - A Guide to Great Shooting
    Possibly "the" definitive method of shooting
  4. Organizing Effective Practice Sessions
    Lecturer - Mike Montgomery
  5. Coaching Youth Basketball: Team Defense
    Lecturer - Bruce Brown
  6. Developing a Winning Program
    Lecturer - Mike Jarvis
  7. Attacking the Zone
    Lecturer - Morgan Wootten
  8. Building a Man-to-Man Defense
    Lecturer - Morgan Wootten
  9. Mike Saylor Workout
    Excellent individual shooting workout
  10. Lenny Wilkens Legacy
    Teaching fundamentals at their best
  11. Ralph Miller's Pressure Basketball
    Excellent reference material
  1. Hoosier High School Basketball
    by Bob Adams
  2. Peak Performance Training for Basketball
      by Richard Ford
  3. Basketball Highway's Playground Pointers
    by Alan Lambert
  4. The Open Post Offense
    by Lason Perkins
  5. Stuff!, Good Players Should Know
    by Dick DeVenzio
  6. How to Quantify the Progress of Your Projects
    by Arthur Linton
  7. Leading with the Heart
    by Mike Krzyzewski
  8. A Proven Game Plan for Winning Basketball
    by Meine Busack
  9. A System of Game Execution
    by Steve Seidler
  10. Sole Influence
    by Dan Wetzel and Don Yaeger
  11. Bird Watching
    by Larry Bird
Better Basketball
  Basketball Times Online
  The "Real" Voice, monthly
  "Winning Hoops"
  coaching advice
  Basketball Sense
  for Winning Coaches
Rick Torbett's Better Basketball
Possibly "the" definitive series to the skills of basketball.
price $24.95 (per video)
price $69.90 (series)
Dave Hannan's Ball Handling video
An awesome collection of individual drills.
price $19.95
Tom Nordland's SWISH shooting video
A Guide to Great Basketball Shooting
price $19.95
Duke Basketball Video Series
Organize your practices like Coach "K". Learn the transition game. Toughen your teams defense.
price $84.95 - VHS
price $84.95 - DVD
Youth Basketball Drills
Burrall Paye and son Patrick offer a great book for an inexpensive price.
price $17.95
Duke Basketball Video Series
Championship Practices

price $32.95
Duke Basketball Video Series
Team Defense

price $32.95
Duke Basketball Video Series
Transition Game

price $32.95
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