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to quote from Michael Jordan, "I ask questions, I listen, I read". Be smart and invest in your coaching future.

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Many coaches are always looking for that new play to spice up the offense. A different out of bounds play that will get an easy basket. A defensive concept that will challenge the players to compete and give that 100% effort. How many times have you searched for 30 minutes, or longer, on the Internet looking for a set of plays? The same plays are demonstrated on the same sites week in and week out. You get frustrated and decide to settle on talking to your coaching buddies or even get on another one of those coaches forums. The coaches forum seems to be a valid option but you still end up with just text again. And all the coaches are saying just about the same thing.

The "KISS" method seems to be the dominate offensive scheme on the Internet these days. You get one or two gifted players and design the offense around them. So, you check out all the websites again searching for those new plays. You settle for using some screen-n-roll options and try out that "new" motion offense that everyone has an opinion on. What is a motion offense anyway? The last time I checked my players use some type of motion to get the ball to each other. This may sound a bit simplistic, but it is true. The whole concept of motion offense is based off of the idea of triangular configurations and players setting down screens or high screens to pass to the next player and then look for the player that ends up being open. A simplistic version of a motion offense.

Well, coaches you are in luck. Coach Jay Monahan has developed a collection of plays that will benefit the new and experienced coach. He has put together a nine volume set of plays, defenses, coaching thoughts, and tips. Each volume focuses on one area of either offense or defense. The volumes are broken down as follows:

  • Man-to-Man Double Stack set

  • Man-to-Man Box set

  • Lob series (looking for an easy dunk?)

  • Zone sets

  • Gimmick sets

  • Out-of-bounds Under series

  • Out-of-bounds Sideline series

  • AMMO defense

  • Tips for Success

Each series is definitely worth the $9.95. The pricing varies as you purchase more sets. The entire collection will cost you $65.95 including shipping. Each set has notes and diagrams, see figure, to explain what to do. The prices are reasonable for the information you get. Probably the most interesting volume deals with what Coach Monahan calls his "AMMO" defense, great concept. If you are looking some new sets to run against certain defenses consider the volume that you need. You could end up with a few dollars worth of information and save a lot of time searching.

Guy Power

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