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by Coach Steve MacKinney

Dear New BESTAT User,

The BESTAT system is attached as a file.  I am sending PKUNZIP.EXE which you  will need to decompress the BESTAT.ZIP file in a separate email.  Download it and the BESTAT.ZIP file to your drive C into an empty directory, (to make an empty directory, start a MSDOS window  (click start, click programs, click MSDOS) and type: MD\EMPTY1  (use any name you want) change directories to the directory where the file(s) were downloaded. CD\EMPTY1  (directory where you downloaded the two files that came with this email)

Type the following commands:
This should get the program installed and start it for you the first time. Anytime you want to use it, start a MSDOS window, type CD\BBSTAT10   and then type BBSTAT You can get help from any screen by pressing the F1 key.  The help screens have a lot of information and I strongly suggest you read them.

It is easier to read the screens if MSDOS is set up to run in full-screen mode.  To do that, start a MSDOS window,  right click on the MS-DOS box on the task bar (usually at the bottom of the screen), click on Properties, on the Program tab, in the Run field, select Maximized.  Then click on the Screen tab and under usage, select Full Screen and for Initial Size, select 25 lines.

For screen prints of any stats other than the box score and play-by-play,  click the Misc tab and make sure the PrtSc box is blank so that screen prints go to your printer rather than the windows clipboard.  Of course, you can send them to the clipboard and paste them into a document if you want to send them to someone. 

Read the text files sent with the program to learn more about it.  There are a couple named README and a large one called BBSTAT.DOC which has a 30 minute tutorial to train a new user.  The *.BAT files allow you to copy the file or copy a game from one file to another.

If you have any questions, you may call me at 417 833-9325 or email me at avamac@aol.com
Steve MacKinney
M5 Software

** Tested with Windows ME.  Use not verified with Windows NT or Windows 2000.

Click here to download BESTAT

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