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History of PowerBasketball

updated July 24, 2008

PowerBasketball started as a youth team page going online back in July 1998. A little time has passed and the website has gone through many changes over the past years. I have yet to be satisfied with the entire site and it is a goal to produce the highest possible quality site that can remain "free". The latest trend of charging a monthly fee for premium content is a trend that has been on the horizon for quite some time and it will only get worse.

The idea of changing the website from a team page to a coaching page comes from the lack of coaching information that was available on the Internet in 1998. It was PowerBasketball and the Basketball Highway (I really miss Alan Lambert's website) back then. Today, there are a lot of options out there. Some good, some not so good. Hopefully, visitors will take their time and realize the amount of information that is located here. PowerBasketball's coaching library of contributing writers includes many top basketball coaches, specialists, and consultants. I always appreciate new, original articles that focus in the areas of player and coach development. So, please send an email if you are interested in submitting an article.

PowerBasketball does NOT sell any products like most every other website out there. Now, there are some affiliate links to some good DVD's for coaching and player development. In order for PowerBasketball to continue to improve, some commercialism has to happen. You will notice several companies have been offered the opportunity to advertise their products on PowerBasketball. Traditional advertising campaigns are available. Please contact me if you wish to market your product on the website.

I have had the opportunity to work with some great coaches and clinicians including Richard Ford of SmartHoops Basketball Camp at Berry College, Dave Devenzio of the National Point Guard Camp at Oglethorpe University, Dena Evans at Webber International University and Converse College for the Point Guard College, as well as the annual Shooting Stars Summer Camp at Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina with Glenn Wilkes.

I thoroughly enjoy the different capacities and expectations of a basketball coach at the different levels of play. My experiences in coaching at South Fork High School, Martin County High School, Murray Middle School, and Pinewood Elementary School have provided different challenges in coaching and I have enjoyed all of it. I have been lucky to work with great local coaches like John Picchiarini and Chris Maxon of Indian River Comunity College, Andre McIntyre of Martin County High School, Tommy Swager of South Fork High School, Steve Ripley of John Carroll High School, the YMCA of the Treasure Coast, and Martin County Parks and Recreation. My time spent with AAU-type basketball has proven interesting over the past several years. However, the one consistency in my life has always been to "continue learning".

I have spent a lot of time on the Internet over the last ten years. I would hate to think of the hundreds of hours, email responses, and contacts that go unnoticed behind the scenes. I hope that everyone that visits this site finds what they are looking for. I have tried to situate PowerBasketball as a definitive resource for basketball coaching links to valuable products, videos, books, newsletters, etc. PowerBasketball has had many top coaches submit articles. The coaching page continues to grow daily. I would like to personally thank all the coaches that have submitted articles. Also, I appreciate all the manufacturers and publishers that have allowed us to test and review their products. It is nice to see that coaching youth basketball has been taken to the "next" level.

I would hope that from time to time that coaches are looking to expand their knowledge of the game. Usually this means spending a little bit of money. How much? As much or as little as the coach feels acceptable. You can "click" on a link and visit a site if you desire. Check out our Coaching page or drill page if you are looking for coaching articles, plays, or drills.


Coach Power , owner and founder


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