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Oklahoma 3 Lane Push Drill

Drill compliments of Breakthrough Basketball

The University of Oklahoma's women's team has a fantastic drill for your guards to flow into your team's motion offense from an initial fast break. This should give your team a much better flow to the offense because there is less wasted time transitioning from your primary break to your secondary break or your half court offense.

There are three lines on one side of the court. I recommend that each player play in each spot in order to better understand your offense.
The drill starts out with a three-lane push drill. The point guard passes it to one of the wings. The wing passes it back to the point guard. The point guard then passes it to the other wing. The drill continues until each player reaches the three-point area.
Once the players reach the three-point area, they can run any component of the motion offense within your system. For example, the point guard can pass it to the 3 then screen away for the 2. 2 takes a jump shot.
The point guard can pass it to 3. Then, 2 sets a flare screen for 1. 3 passes it to 1 for an outside shot.
1 can also run a weave action by making a quick dribble handoff to 3. 3 can attack the basket or take a jump shot upon receiving the handoff.
The drills serves multiple purposes -- allowing you to work on passing, conditioning, and motion offense execution all at the same time. It's important to run the initial drill at high speed forcing players to make accurate passes and clean catches. There are many more options you can run out of the motion offense. Do you like the idea of running a motion offense for your team? Breakthrough Basketball has an excellent eBook that covers everything there is to cover on the motion offense. Your team will learn not just plays but how to play. A motion offense is a reliable and effective system that allows you to adjust the offense to fit the strengths of your team.

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