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Can any coach learn to become a winning coach?

by Coach Dave Jones Basketball Shooting Coach.com

Most coaches played the game at some level and usually progress through the coaching ranks; assistant coach > head coach AAU > college assistant > college head coach > pro assistant > pro head coach. Basketball IQ grows with experience and coaching IQ is different than playing IQ just as the difference between traditional gambling and an online sportsbook.

If your team's free throw shooting percentage was over 90% would it change the way you coach? Would you not want to draw fouls... especially on the defensive end of the court? That's a turnover that scores points almost every time. Would you need to cajolle your team into playing tough defense or communicate while on the court or will your team be coming to you for advanced defensive theories now that they see defense as an aspect of offense? With five players as one mind on the court there will be lots of layups from your half court offense and layups resulting from many fast break opportunities. The more layups your team shoots the higher your field goal percentage. If fifty percent of your shots are layups then at a minimum your field goal percentage should be fifty percent. When your team recognizes and exploits mismatches your team is going to get many easy basket attempts.

The feelings of winning on the playground and winning an NBA Championship are as different as night is to day. "If you're not a nerd you're going to work for one" is a phrase currently being bandied about. Most people still don't understand that being a nerd is the launching platform for the most fun you've ever had. Not that it's not fun to "bust a move" on the asphalt, but "bust a move" on hardwood at the highest level for some really high echelon jollies. So learn the mental aspect of basketball and learn how to wage war.

Creative coaching is rare. Most coaches teach only what they've learned from other coaches when the best education any coach gets comes directly from players. Winning teams are self-policed. Winning teams will win with or without a coach on the court. Many avenues lead to this unique situation but for space sake I'm going to explore only one and from only one perspective. High school coaches are guaranteed four years with players, that's quite a long time, longer than most other stages of coaching [normally]. However, your influence over players can be extended even further... three to five years further.

Have all your players coach younger players. Your influece will be passed on through them to other coaches and to the players on those younger teams. How much easier will it be for you to communicate and build strategies with players that have coached and actually think about the game from a coaching perspective? When these players are on the court will they be proactive or reactive to the game's constantly changing situations?

When the younger players your players have coached reach high school they will arrive with insight to your basketball theories and when they in turn begin coaching younger players they will grow into your system in astounding ways which will expand your theories and your basketball coaching IQ. This never stops feeding on itself. There's only one way to predict the future. Create it! You can hope your new players will thrive in your system or you can guarantee it. Begin now and before the beginning of next season your team will understand why it's important to report to the first practice in shape and your team will be hungry to learn and understand not just skills but theory.

There are no rules preventing a coach from mentoring less experienced coaches and that dynamic completely changes the relationship you have with your team and your future players. How much better a coach will you become after you begin coaching coaches? A good teacher always learns more than the student. Adapting theory to skills is too limiting, it's much more explosive to hone and create skills that adapt to theory.

Now I ask again, can any coach learn to become a winning coach?

Coach Dave Jones www.BasketballShootingCoach.com


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