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How to Lead Your Team from Where You Are

by Sean Glaze, Ed.S. Great Results Team Building

Part of the evolution of moving from success to significance is found in not only being part of a team that enjoys success, but in finding your voice and helping others become more than they once were and learning to lead your team from wherever you are.

Leadership is earned with passion, not by position. Authority and power are two very different entities, and the best among us soon recognize that power and leadership are the result of vision, relationships, and the influence you exert on your teammates instead of an entitlement brought by age or status.

No matter what position you currently hold in your organization, you have the opportunity to lead your team and impact the results and attitudes of those that surround you. John Maxwell has said that "leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less." If you want to ensure your own success, you must recognize the tremendous responsibility you have to take ownership of the project that your team is working on and begin to build the relationships that will allow you to influence the teammates and other individuals with the talents and resources required.

Nothing great was ever accomplished alone - the bigger the dream, the more important the team.

Part of the reason for my "Lead Your Team" blog is to inspire you to take ownership of your team's success and offer tools and insights that will allow you to become successful.

But the process of leading involves more than just desire and reading. You must take action.

And to lead your team, there are three specific actions that you can take, beginning today, to move yourself into more of a leadership role in your organization.

First, you must build deeper relationships with your teammates. Spend time with them outside your normal work location and find out more about their background and personal challenges. It is very important for you and your peers to learn and care more about each other.

Seek also to grow closer to and learn more about those in a position of authority over your team - the more you can connect with people and understand their needs, desires, challenges, and future plans, the more you can help them. By developing a sincere concern for their happiness, you create a bond that will improve trust, morale, and loyalty throughout the team.

Second, you must consistently do what you want others in the organization to emulate. Remember that, as Albert Schweitzer wrote, "Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing." People trust what they see far more than what they hear, and they are far more likely to follow your actions than your words.

If you are an athlete who wants teammates to spend more time in the gym on skill work, you must lead by doing it yourself. If you are a teacher who wants your colleagues to incorporate more experiential activities into their lesson plans, you must lead by doing it yourself. Only then, after seeing it, will others become more willing to join you.

Third, you must provide reminders and encouragement to inspire your team to persevere through adversity and doubt. Each team member likely has a different reason for wanting to succeed as part of the team you are on, and your stronger relationships and better understanding of their personal circumstances will allow you to provide specific and valuable encouragements that can motivate your teammates to maintain the discipline and effort that distractions might sabotage.

Bill Gates writes that, "as we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." As an influencer, you job is to convince your teammates of their vital role in the team's shared success and remind them of your appreciation for, and belief in, their abilities. Recognize and reward the behaviors and attitudes you want to see repeated. Send a nice text message or tweet about how impressed you are with their performance or improvement. Find a way to surprise your team with positive reinforcement.

You do not need to hold a position of authority to lead your team.

The only requirement is your passion and willingness to claim ownership of the results - and once you recognize that "if it's to be, it's up to me," you are well on your way to influencing and leading those that you are depending on for the results you desire.

If you haven't done so yet, I encourage you to read and share Fistitude with your team - it is a short and insightful story that provides five lessons to help you lead your team. I have even published an accompanying readers guide for you and your team to discuss the book throughout your season if you choose to use it as part of your leadership development program.

But whether by planning your own team bonding event, reading Fistitude together, or enjoying a fun day of teambuilding activities to improve communication, rapport, and morale - it is the job of a leader to find ways to build a more cohesive culture.

You lead your team by building relationships, becoming a great example, and encouraging those you are depending upon.


As the founder of Great Results Team Building, it would be my pleasure to inspire your people to work together with increased morale and focus for better team performance.

No matter how large or small your group may be, providing your people a customized fun teambuilding event or motivational speaking engagement will transform your group into a more productive team and equip others to commit to the cause and help lead your team!

Contact Sean:
299 Balmy Ct., Powder Springs, GA

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