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Teaching Techniques: Dealing with Athletes

Former Stetson University head coach Glenn Wilkes puts on a great coaching clinic every year in Tunica, Mississippi. This year's clinic offered some coaching greats featuring former Detroit Piston's and Dream Team head coach Chuck Daly, NIKE's George Raveling, Georgia Tech's Paul Hewitt, and St. John's Mike Jarvis to name a few. I have always enjoyed watching Jarvis walk the sidelines and run his teams. Here is an excerpt from the clinic notes available from Coach Wilkes' Basketballs Best website. A small price at $14 for 54 pages of insightful information.

Teaching Techniques: Dealing with Athletes
from Mike Jarvis, head coach St. Johns

  1. Use good grammar and try to expand your vocabulary on a daily basis.

  2. Speak clearly and concisely.

  3. Repeat key words and skills.

  4. Review previously learned skills before going on to the new ones.

  5. Accentuate the positive and compliment the players whenever possible: "good job", "excellent"

  6. Use constructive criticism.

  7. Try to create as many opportunities for success as possible.

  8. Do not overuse the whistle.

  9. Try to avoid yelling at the players. Instead, try talking to them.

  10. Demand eye to eye contact.

  11. Get feedback by asking questions about what was said or done.

  12. Do not allow team members to negatively critize one another.

  13. Try to demonstrate the skill that is being taught, first by the coach, and second by one of the players.

  14. Reward the players whenever possible.

  15. Lead by example.

  16. Do not understate the importance of being well groomed and well dressed. Be sharp!

  17. Be organized, thorough, and confident.

  18. Be prepared to work until the job is done and done well.

  19. SMILE!

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Excellent video with thoughts and drills on organizing your practices. Learn from one of the greatest coaches of the game, Coach "K".
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"My son's high school coach gave him a copy of the book and he read it in two days. Now he is leading the effort to get himself a scholarship. The book is inspiring and effective for high school athletes."
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