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FastDraw, Play Diagramming software

from Fast Model Technologies, Inc.

Product Review

I have been reviewing playbook software for over a decade. Companies have come and gone as this portion of the industry is rough to make it in! Top quality products have come and gone. I have to admit that it is a bit like an unending quest for someone to find that "perfect" software. I can admit that the quest has found a great stopping point with Fast Draw. What a great product for transferring your paper and pencil plays to the computer. The output is the highest quality that I have seen to date and the ease of use is worthy of any and all praise. There is a reason that so many college and professional programs are using FastDraw. It works!

I read a comment on a message board that says it all "This program is ridiculously good!" . That is so true. The drag and drop features and easy to use interface make putting plays together easy. You will take your plays and move them to the digital age seamlessly and likely without even reading the help or "how to" that is provided. DO NOT let the price fool you!!!! This is a fully functioning ready to go product. Yes, you can use this link and pay $35 for software that lists for over $200. Annual subscriptions have become the rage over the past several years and the bonuses are incredible as you receive any and all product upgrades throughout the year. You can do the math and realize that the $35 annual subscription is worth it. It is going to take 6 years until you actually have spent the retail price.

I can see coaches embracing this technology and using it for video breakdown and scouting teams. This is a big deal. You can keep up with and surpass your competition with the multiple playbooks that you can create and store for easy retrieval. Just when you think it can't get any better, it does!

Get in and become a "FastTrader". Share FastDraw diagrams and playbooks with other FastDraw users. This new product allows you to share a specified amount of FastDraw plays with others. A great idea from Fast Model technologies to get coaches to start sharing plays! You have to think beyond the scope of this review and embrace and take advantage of this technology for your AAU travel teams. Now you have a way to print out high quality diagrams and put them in your player's hands. Here's how it works:

Why coaches love it - Coaches that receive a FastTrade have content at their fingertips; they can take the plays and drills they like and integrate them into their own playbooks, plans and scouts. And it's free!

Why clinic organizers are loving it - They're able to "green up" the clinic by offering all of the plays and drills resources in FastDraw - this saves a huge amount of time for the clinic attendees because they don't have to draw the plays in their own license of FastDraw.

Do yourself a favor and order FastDraw today. Install the software and get into FastTrade! You will not be sorry.

Click the link to get the software for $35!

Order FastDraw, today.......

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