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Fake Crossover Series

by Danny McLarty, CSCS www.DannyMcLarty.com

I love using the fake crossover (aka “inside-out” dribble) to create space – either for a pull up jumper, or to get all the way to the basket. It can also be used to go around a defender in the open court. The fake crossover can be used as a “single move” to get the job done. Or it can be used with a second (and third) move, known as a “combination move.” As I have mentioned previously, you always want to keep it as simple as possible. So, if the fake crossover frees you up, there is no need to go into a second move (the combination part of the move). BUT, it is great to have the combination move in your back pocket in case the defender cuts you off when you do the fake cross. If this happens, you can go into a number of different moves to go around your defender. In the videos below, you’ll see some examples…

Fake Crossover “Warm-Up” Series

As I mentioned in this post, I always make sure to get to the gym a few minutes early to get my dribbling warm-ups in. The first video is me using a series of moves, all beginning with the fake crossover. The purpose of the warm-up is to prepare me for full speed drills going to the basket; to improve the control I have with the basketball; and to work on the speed in which I dribble the ball.

In the above video you saw;

-3 fake crossovers with each hand

-1 fake crossover-crossover combination move, each way

-1 fake crossover-between the legs combination move, each way

-1 fake crossover-behind the back combination move, each way

-2 “freestyle moves” – here, I start with a fake crossover and go into whatever comes to mind on the fly

Note: Be sure to do the same amount with each hand. Better yet, spend more time working on your weaker hand.

The next video is me using a series of fake crossovers (single and combination moves) going to the basket for pull up jumpers.

The Template

If you remember from the “Handle It” post, the template is as follows;

-Stationary dribbling first

-”Semi-Stationary” is next – this is the verbiage that I use with my clients. If you can think of anything cooler, or more appropriate than “semi-stationary,” let me know. :)

-Full speed dribbling – either moves up and down the court, or moves to the basket.

A Few More Videos

And for fun, I thought I’d share with you a few other cool videos. This first video is my 8 year old client showing off his fake crossover-crossover combination move. I love the fact that he is skilled enough to perform this at such as young age. But I’m even more thrilled at the fact that he finished with his left hand like a 13 year old!

The next video is my 13 year old client working on his dribbling in one of our sessions. Here, he uses the fake crossover-crossover in the open court, en route to a pull up jumper.

And finally, one of my favorite players in the NBA, Dwyane Wade shows us what a fake crossover-crossover looks like at the NBA level. The floor is yours D. Wade…

If you aren’t already doing so, make sure to incorporate the fake crossover, and the combo moves that go with it, into your game. Let me know in the comments section below, if you have any other move, or series of moves that you would like me to cover. Please make sure not to ask for hook shots, or dunks…never been my specialty. ;)

About the author:

Danny McLarty, CSCS is a fitness coach at Flex Personal Training in Danville, California. Danny earned a place in the Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame in 2007 for his high school and college career. He accomplished this while standing at a height of 5'7". He is also a basketball skills coach, helping players improve their ability to get open, with and without the ball. You can read more about Danny at his website, www.DannyMcLarty.com .

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