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7 Simple Tips To Improve Your Shots
PowerBasketball would like to thank BreakThrough Basketball for allowing us to publish this article.

Every player wants to make their shots time and time again. After all, shots are where the glory is, right? If you want to improve your shot, then follow these 7 simple basketball shooting tips:

Tip #1: Different Colored Balls Can Help Develop Your Rotation

  • Straightening your shot is vital. To figure out where youíre going wrong, use a colored ball instead of the regular orange. This will enable you to see how the ball is rotating and what direction itís going. This feedback will help you easily adjust and get better.

Tip #2: Forget About Doing ďKobe ShotsĒ

  • Tons of kids look up to Kobe. So itís only natural that they try to copy his style. But, this is a bad idea. Why? Because only Kobe can shoot like Kobe!
  • Shoot like you should: one inch before you get to the very top of the jump. Let Kobe shoot like Kobe, and save yourself the frustration!

Tip #3: Donít Make It Easy To Block Your Shot

  • Want to make it harder on your opponent to block your shot?
  • Then you need to be quick and competent with your delivery, and make sure you shoot at least one second before you get to the peak of the jump. This will make the defense work harder to block you.

Tip #4: Watch Games

  • Yep, here you get to watch TV to get better!
  • Watching great players can really help improve your shots. This works especially well for young players.

Tip #5: Keep Your Fingers Under the Rim

  • When you finish with your Follow-Through, the rim should be right underneath the fingers on the hand you shoot with.
  • This is a sign that your shot has a great arc, and that it has a higher chance of going in.
  • Practice this one often, and youíll quickly start to improve.

Tip #6: Make Sure Youíre In the Same Spot When You Land

  • If youíve got correct balance, then you should land in the same spot after you take a shot.

Tip #7: Document Your Shots

  • This surprising tip can really does wonders for your shot.
  • By filming your shots in games (and in practice) you can get a birdís eye view of what you really look like. And, you can focus on improving when you see what youíre really doing wrong.

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