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Five Step Action Plan to turn dreams into Reality

by Mike Mahon BBallExperts.com

Dear Aspiring Basketball Player,

Do you wish you were getting better every time you decided to work on your game?

Would you like to learn how to maximize your skills every time you stepped on the court?

If I could show you how to get more out of your practice sessions in less time would you listen?

If you said yes to any of the previous questions, then you will be excited to read the following tips that I am about to share with you. If you take a stand today, and discipline yourself to begin to apply just one of these 5 factors of Basketball Improvement then you will strategically and systematically transform yourself into one of the games elite players quicker then you thought possible

Factor # 1 Evaluate Yourself And Examine Your Game:

What areas of your game currently need the most improvement? Do you need to work on your shooting fundamentals? Are you a liability on defense for your team? Can you breakdown your defender going to the left or the right? These are all important questions that you must ask yourself and be fully aware of when you evaluate your basketball ability. If you are unsure about what your weaknesses or strengths are, ask a coach, friend or teammate to honestly evaluate you and your progress. If you can't find someone to help you, tape yourself because tape never lies!

Factor #2 Define Your Focus Area Of Improvement:

Now that you have evaluated your weaknesses and strengths, it is time for you to choose a specific area to focus on improving in. A lot of players never improve their skills because they go to the court without a plan of action. In this step you simply choose the area or areas you want to improve in and state it on paper.

Factor # 3 Define Why You Want To Improve This Area Of Your Game

It is not enough to know what you want to improve in, or how you will improve that area of your game.

You must know why you want to improve!

By knowing why you want to improve in that particular skill area, you will have an emotional connection to your improvement and stay focused on your goal.

So what is your reason?

Do you want to make the team?

Do you want to get more playing time?

Do you want to become an all-league player?

Do you want to get a college scholarship or pro contract?

Did someone say that they believe you can't, and you know you can?

Whatever the case may be write it down and identify what your area of skill you want to improve in, and why you want to improve in it.

Now when you don't want to practice, you can look at your goal, and you will know why you must commit yourself to regular practice if you want to make your hoop dreams come to life.

Factor 4: Create A Quality Workout For Yourself

When you work on your game do not work on a million things at once. That is what I call a purposeless workout and all it will do for you is make you ok at many things without making you great in a few key areas that define your game.

I want you to focus on a high intensity, high quality workout, and I want you to center it around the area you feel that you most want to improve in.

To create a quality workout you must know how much time you have available to you.

If you have 30 minutes 5 days a week, then create something that you can realistically practice for at a high intensity for 30 minutes.

Whatever amount of time you have long or short, make the most of your time.

One of the best ways to make the most of your time is to set goals, and benchmarks for your drills and practice time.

If you are working on shooting for example dedicate yourself to make a certain amount of shots in a certain amount of time before you move on to the next drill. Another good rule of thumb when you are working on your shooting is to make at least 70 percent of all your shots during that practice session. If you are shooting below 70 percent unguarded, it will make it extremely hard for you to get your shot off against a defender in a game situation.

Make sure you bring your notebook with you to every workout! I guarantee that if you track your workouts on paper, you will dramatically improve yourself and develop laser like focus towards your goal of being a great basketball player!

Factor # 5 Commit To Your Workout And Execute It:

This is where you grab your notebook and you actually begin to make your goal to improve your basketball skills a reality.

Take a sheet of paper in your notebook and write down the area of skill you wish to master and write it down along with the following information.

I, (Your Name) am dedicated to improving my skill in (list skill area) during the next four weeks.

I will chart my progress every workout and make sure that I improve every time I step on the court.

I am committed to always practicing my skills at game speed, and making my hoop dreams a reality!

_____________ ___________________
Your name Date


Thank you so much for reading my article! If you are committed to excellence, I guarantee that your hard work will not only change the way you look at your game, but it will also change your life. If you are hungry to be the best player you possibly can be, you are now equipped with a simple 5 step development system that you can take with you your entire career. Don't just dream of basketball greatness, take decisive action every single day and watch your hoop dreams come to life right before your eyes!

Mike Mahon, CSCS is a professional basketball performance consultant who is the creator of the Basketball Experts Professional Player Development System. Basketball Experts features 12 of the world's top basketball experts who have worked with some of the best basketball players on the planet. If you want to know the secrets the pros use and transform yourself into the king of the court, visit BBallExperts.com.

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