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The Most Missed Shot In Basketball

by Mike Mahon BBallExperts.com

Do you know what the most missed shot in basketball is?

Is it the 3pt shot?


The Mid Range Jump shot ?


The Free Throw?

Wrong Again!!

You might not believe what I am about to reveal to you, but the most missed shot in basketball is not the 3point shot, its not the mid range jump shot, it's not the free throw, but in fact it is the lay-up!!

The lay-up essentially is the highest percentage shot a player can possibly take in basketball, yet it is missed again and again and again. But why is the lay-up missed so much you might ask?

Well the answer is simple, because of the nature of just how easy a lay up is to perform, players fail to take the time to master the execution of a fundamental lay up and at the end of the day they cost their teams valuable victories and lower their potential ppg statistics.

"So Mike, Do you have any simple tips that can help me master this fundamental skill?"

I sure do! So sit down, take a seat, and lets go to Finishing School 101.

Finishing School Rule # 1 Live Low And Watch Your Game Grow:

When you begin to execute a lay-up, you must always play the game from low to high. Too many players play the game stiff legged and fail to tap into their full explosion capabilities because they refuse to play low. By playing low you will have better body control and balance, and will be a strong finisher around the basket. The only time you should be high is when you are exploding the hoop and releasing your shot to score 2 points for your team!

Finishing School Rule # 2 Ball You Man :

I learned this tip from Five Star Basketball many years ago, and it really helped me to become a fundamentally sound finisher around the basket. You must always keep your body between the defender and the ball. A good rule of thumb when finishing around the hoop is to hold the ball strong above your hip like Lamar Odem does so you can protect the ball, absorb the contact and finish strong.

Finishing School Rule # 3 Explode To The Hoop and Fully Extend Yourself To The Cup:

Whether you finish off one or too legs on your lay ups you must be explosive. I recommend that you master both take off's because it will provide you more scoring options when you need to make a quick decision around the basket. Practice driving your knee up like a rocket ship and explode to the hoop fully extending your hand to the basket. As you become a craftier finisher you will learn how to get your defender on your back and create separation by extending to the basket and getting the bucket and foul.

Finishing School Rule # 4 Have A Soft Touch On Your Finishes And High Off The Glass:

One of the main reasons why players have trouble making lay ups is because they have no touch. No matter if you are going 100 mph to the hoop, or if you are under control off a fundamental jump stop you must be able to execute an overhand or underhand lay up with soft touch. When you begin practicing your lay ups aim for the top corner of the square, however after you master that attempt to shoot them higher and higher off the backboard. Pistol Pete used to say if you can float the ball up off the top of backboard not even Wilt Chamberlein or Michael Jordan can grab it. If it is good enough for Pistol Pete, it is good enough to add to your game!

Finishing School Rule # 5 Be Able To Execute A Lay-up In One Dribble From The 3 Point Line:

The great players not only have great touch, can play the game low to high, have great explosion to the basket, but they also can get their shot off quickly before the defense can react because they can get to the hoop in one dribble. Getting to the hoop in one dribble is a progressional skill and takes great timing and confidence, but it is easier then you might think. On the right hand side work on taking explosive strides of left right left, and on the right side of the basket explosively stride right left right. After this skill is mastered without a dribble, add a dribble and work on creating complete separation and finishing strong. If you can master this, you are on your way to becoming your teams all-star MVP! Conclusion: I hope that you have enjoyed reading my segment on the most missed shot in basketball. Remember, you have a choice to get better, finish strong and become a fundamentally sound basketball player. You don't have to practice, but when game time comes and you can't make the easiest shot in basketball, then you don't have to play either! I think you all get my point! Don't just work hard, work smart, and go out and dominate the court!

Mike Mahon, CSCS is a professional basketball performance consultant who is the creator of the Basketball Experts Professional Player Development System. Basketball Experts features 12 of the world's top basketball experts who have worked with some of the best basketball players on the planet. If you want to know the secrets the pros use and transform yourself into the king of the court, visit BBallExperts.com.

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