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What coaching IS vs. What coaching is NOT
Part One of a Six Part Series
by Ed McGlumphy, "the Gym Rat", Author Gym Rat Series, Instructional Books

Editor's Note:
Coach McGlumphy, aka "the Gym Rat", will be sharing his winning philosophy in the series, “Six Articles on the Intangibles Designed to Make a Coach Think.”. PowerBasketball welcomes "the Gym Rat" and his infinite wisdom. Stay Tuned for his other articles! Just like the "Gym Rat Says. . . Coaches: It's not what you know, but what you teach that counts"

After 65 years in the gym as a player, coach, athletic director, parent, summer camp director and book author, I have made observations that I think make the difference between successful programs and unsuccessful ones. Everyone goes to the same clinics and knows the same X’s and O’s. Why then are some coaches great and others mediocre?

I have acquired a wealth of information by speaking with thousands of coaches at all levels at major Nike Clinics, State Clinics throughout the East, Midwest, South and Final Fours for both men and women. These coaches know that it is a fine line of intangibles that make the difference between winning and losing.

What Coaching IS:

  1. Coaching IS teaching and adjusting during practice and games.
  2. Coaching IS patience, knowing your players’ strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Coaching IS fitting a system to your players, rather than having a system and hoping that your players fit in it.
  4. Coaching IS changing the momentum of a game by having the overall knowledge and guts, to alter your offenses and defenses during the game.
  5. Coaching IS executing your knowledge in a common sense way. Drills repeated over and over, the right way, are the only way to assure that your team will perform in the “clutch”.
  6. Coaching IS playing the player who gets the job done. (Don’t play politics)

What Coaching is NOT:

  1. Coaching is NOT yelling, screaming, or walking up and down in front of the bench.
  2. Coaching is NOT yanking a player because you (the coach) is upset.
  3. Coaching is NOT sitting a player, just because you don’t like him/her.
  4. Coaching is NOT holding a grudge.
  5. Coaching is NOT labeling players or listening to others who label players.
  6. Coaching is NOT playing politics - Remember to keep it direct and simple.

In conclusion, you may agree or you may not agree, but my goal is to get you as a coach to think and self evaluate your coaching knowledge. Further information on basketball fundamentals and coaching philosophy is available in the Gym Rat Practice Bible (Coach Edition) or Gym Rat Practice Bible (Player and Youth Coach Edition).

Both publications are published in a managable size, flip book style that allows you to take them to the court with you. They are ideal for Players, School Coaches, Parents, AAU Coaches, Recreational Coaches, and basketball junkies....

Order your Gym Rat Books by contacting:
Coach Ed McGlumphy “The Gym Rat”
6999 Stucky Valley Road SW, Stonecreek, OH 43840
Phone: 330-308-5697
Emal: gymrat@Tusco.net

The Gym Rat Practice Bible (Coach Edition) includes:

  • Daily Dozen Practice Schedule
  • Daily Defensive Techniques
  • Daily Shooting Techniques
  • One Step Foul Shooting
  • Daily Rebounding Techniques
  • 30 Individual Fundamentals to be Taught at all Levels
  • Basketball is a Simple Game of Opposites
  • Testing Your Players
  • A Player’s Report Card
  • Pocket Size
  • Easy to Handle
  • Easy To Flip
  • Take It to the Court
  • The Original Coach Edition

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