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Learn a lesson from college and NBA players

by: Patrick Chylinski
Basketball Success - Online tips and private coaching

Some people consider watching basketball on TV pure enjoyment, or maybe even a waste of time. But I don't see it that way.

I think watching lots of basketball on TV (or in person) can be a great learning tool. Now, don't get me wrong: watching hoops should not replace all the hard work you need to put into your game (practicing, playing, shooting around on your own, working on your strength and agility, etc.).

But, added to all of that hard work, watching great players can be a valuable learning tool that can really help you improve your game. Let me explain.


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Next time you watch a college or pro game, pick out who you think the best players on the floor are (and I don't necessarily mean the players who are the best scorers). Approach it like you are a coach, building a team, and you need to pick the best players to build your team around.

Who is the best rebounder? Why? Is he always in the right place at the right time? Does he make a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th effort to go after rebounds? Is he the only player on the floor that seems to go after (and be around) nearly every missed shot? Is he a terror on both the offensive and defensive boards? Study the way he plays. Learn from it.

Now, who is the best passer on the court? What makes him good? Is it floor positioning? Are his passes crisp and sharp? What makes him the best passer...and a player you want on your team?

Who is the best defender on the floor? What makes him tough? Is he quick, and slides faster than anyone on the floor? Does he seem to get a hand on nearly every pass, and a hand up on every shot? Watch how he plays. What is he doing right (more often than not), and what would do you think he can improve on?

Watching good players play the game can be a great educational experience. Even better is to watch games on tape. That way, when you see a good play take place, you can rewind it and watch how it played out. How did a guy get open? What made his pump fake so good it got the defender off his feet? How did he get by the help-side defender than came to help? Watch the play, frame-by-frame and see how good players play the game.

Then, your job is to use that information to improve your game. Watch, learn, then implement those skills and traits into your game.

Don't sit and watch basketball just for the fun of it. Watch for fun, but also watch to improve your game.

Patrick Chylinski is a former college and professional basketball player. He is now a private success coach based in Los Angeles. His website: www.basketballsuccess.com has tips for basketball players on how to improve the mental and physical aspects of their game.

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