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Combine Explosive Drills with Speed Drills for Success
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By Daimond D. Dixon
Director of Operations of AthletePerformanceSport.com

Power is defined as strength in motion. It is the ability to move explosively up, side to side and forward with strength. It's more then just gaining height; it's gaining height with velocity and strength.
Power is an important concept in basketball. Basketball is a game of speed, agility, quicknes and vertical velocity---with POWER. How can athletes attain this power? Plyometrics.
Many athletes use plyometrics as a means to achieve the height necessary for that killer dunk, but plyometrics can do so much more. It involves not only moving upwards, but sideways, and forward. More then "straight up vertical height", plyos develop complete explosiveness.

By combining plyos with speed, agility, quickness drills, basketball players can take their game to another level. This combining teaches the athletes body to be able to go from one action to another without pause or stopping, explosively with Power. The following workout involves combining plyometrics with othe speed, agility, quickness training drills.

Explosive Combo Workout
Set up 4-6 mini cones about 3 feet apart in a row

Drill 1 Forward Cone Hops, immediately sprint forward 5-10 yards
Drill 2 Forward Cone Hops, immediately sprint 5-10 yards to the Left
Drill 3 Forward Cone Hops, immediately sprint 5-10 yards to the Right
Drill 4 Lateral Cone Hops, immediately sprint forward 5-10 yards
Drill 5 Lateral Cone Hops, immediately sprint 5-10 yards to the Left
Drill 6 Lateral Cone Hops, immediately sprint 5-10 yards to the Right

Set up 2 cones 10 yards apart
Drill 1 Hop back and forth laterally over one cone 6 times, upon landing, sprint forward to the second cone
Drill 2 Hop back and forth laterally over one cone 6 times, upon landing, turn and shuffle to the second cone

*3 Sets per Drill, 45-60 seconds rest between sets for maximum effort
*Always focus on landing on your forefoot "softly"
*Vary the distances
*Combine the use of a ball by having a partner throw it to you after completing the jumps, turning the sprint into a sprint dribble

Be CREATIVE! Combining Explosively means combining explosive drills with basketball specific drills for maximum results. Good luck!

Daimond D. Dixon is director of operations for AthletePerformanceSport.com , an Online Sports Performance Training Center for Athletes. For questions and comments, contact him at info@athleteperformancesport.com or visit the website, AthletePerformanceSport.com.

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