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Better Basketball's Better Shooting   by Rick Torbett

I have spent some time reviewing shooting videos over the past several years. I have many people question me as to if there really is a "definitive" video. There are plenty of videos on the market that provide technique relative to the "shot chamber" or "shooting pocket". The idea of the use of the finger pads and two fingers to guide the ball upon completion of the shot are concepts that many agree on. There is now another video on the market to challenge, Rick Torbett's Better Shooting.

Rick Torbett's video offers insight into shooting concepts and techniques that most videos fail to deliver. This 60 minute videotape offers so much information that I watched it at least 4 times before even beginning to write this review. There are many intracacies in developing a good shot. Rick Torbett's video offers an in-depth look at the art of shooting. The video is broken down into seven seperate "chapters".

  1. Building Proper Shooting Technique
  2. Using Your Eyes to Make More Shots
  3. Understanding and Building Proper Footwork
  4. Common Habits, Why Players Develop Them and Ways to Fix Them
  5. Training With a Partner
  6. Special Hints to Improve Your Shot
  7. Addressing Misconceptions

Rick does a nice job introducing basic concepts, positioning, footwork, and describing the "shot chamber". Each chapter moves at a good pace and little is left out, if any. He starts with how to develop a good stance and proper positioning of hands and feet. The transition into the next chapters demonstrates proper targeting with the "Bull's Eye", developing the "Hop", and training and implementation of the "Hop". Each chapter opens your eyes a little more into the complexities of the art of shooting. There really is a lot to learn, don't let anyone tell you different.

I just came from watching a recreation league game between some 8-10 year olds and most could not even shoot a fastbreak layup, let alone a proper jump shot. Although, I had the chance to watch a young kid about 8 that had good form. He shot the ball with consistency. Every shot was the same, the same arm movement, getting the ball into the shot chamber, shooting with palms of the hand and the finger pads, heck he even squared up to the basket on every shot. His two fingers right where they should be on the release of the ball. The older kids have taken note of how he shoots, they just haven't figured out how he does it. It probably has something to do with the fact that I have been working him with for several years. I used the principles that I like to get him started when he was six. Time passes by and he continues to show improvement. Several months back Rick's video was delivered. I decided to put the video to the test not only to my advantage but my player's as well. I watched the video a couple of times and made some notes. I was able to fix his problems and the kid started stroking the ball well from beyond the free throw line, remember this kid is only seven shooting a 28.5 size basketball into a ten (10') foot basket. What a better way to find out if the video works or not.

My favorite sections of the video are Chapter 4, Torbett's 12 Bad Habits and Chapter 7, Addressing Misconceptions. He does an excellent job in putting in plain terms what players normally perform incorrectly and fixing the problem. These sections are great for troubleshooting the many problems with different players' shots, stance, whatever, and how to fix them. Torbett does an excellent job in defining correct methods of shooting the different tyupes of shots whether you are in the post or on the wing. Also, I agree with Rick on teaching the player to stand "square to the basket" method with the feet. He is correct about game speed affecting stance, body position, etc. just before the release of a shot.

I appreciate the opportunity to review great material and this video is definitely above the rest. Would I recommend the video? Definitely! Is it the "definitive" video? I think maybe the question should be, is there one? This video is close. I am not aware of every video out there. But, I have not seen another video on the market to compare to Rick's.

I would like to conclude the review by stating that Tom Nordland's SWISH video runs second to what may be the best video on the market today. I am not in anyway downplaying Tom Nordland's video, PowerBasketball sells and recommends it. Bottom line, if I had to choose one shooting video, I would choose Rick's.

Visit the Better Basketball website for more information or contact them by the information below.

Better Basketball
P.O. Box 420115
Atlanta, Ga. 30342
Contact by Email

Voice: 1.866.866.HOOP (1.866.866.4667)
Ordering: 1.877.SWISH.IT (1.877.794.7448)

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